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 Base Salary + over rides + quarterly& year end production achievement bonuses


Long established Massachusetts based Direct Lender with offices throughout MA is seeking to add to Eastern MA, Southern NH, RI and CT Loan Origination staff. This Company Headquarters is located in a western Massachusetts suburb and has a current compliment of 20 Loan Officers and 2 Producing Managers North and West of Boston. With a seasoned back office support staff, and a Full Eagle status, this Lender can handle all loan programs ranging from the first time buyers needing FHA/VA and other state bond programs up to those borrowers needing jumbo loan products. Company has multiple Bank Warehouse Lines and enjoys an excellent rapport with all Investors they place loans with including local banks that supply them with unique loan programs. Ideal expansion target will be to grow sales throughout eastern Massachusetts before opening offices in other New England states.


Qualified candidates for this position will currently be a Massachusetts Regional Sales Manager with a successful track record of attracting Purchase Money Road Warriors throughout eastern Massachusetts and a strong desire to move up from a Single State Area Sales Manager to a New England Regional Sales Manager. 


For more details on this unique opportunity please contact:

TOM PHINNEY at Office:  617-364-5400 Ext 101,  Cell: 617-974-2300   or E-mail     TOM@ABA-INC.COM







 Base Salary to $90K plus quarterly Corporate Bonus Plan    


New England based Non-Depository Direct Mortgage Lender about to go through explosive growth of quadrupling Loan Origination staff from 10 to 30+ Loan Officers throughout New England States and eventually throughout Northeast and potentially beyond. 2015 Closed Loan Production expected to grow to a conservative monthly estimate of $25MM and a targeted estimate of $35MM and higher into 2016. Current Structure is a Corporate HQ in MA and two satellite branches throughout the marketplace currently being serviced with an expected growth of branches throughout New England.


Seeking highly skilled Compliance Specialist to join their management team. Successful candidate for this position will have 5 plus years in a compliance role fully conversant with the Bank Secrecy Act, CRA/Consumer Compliance Examination (CFPB) and state and federal Loan Officer licensing issues.


For more information on this very unique opportunity, contact Tom Phinney in confidence at:


 Office:  617-364-5400 Ext 101,  Cell: 617-974-2300   or E-mail     TOM@ABA-INC.COM










Loan Origination Professionals

$50K to $500K +

For the past thirty years I have helped over 1700 Mortgage Banking Loan Origination Professionals find that ideal position to help them to successfully service their hard-earned book of business.  I know who will survive and prosper in 2015 and who won't from the smallest Mortgage Brokers all the way up to the largest of the National Banks and Direct Lenders. 


We are intimately familiar with their loan products, current compensation plans, future compensation plans and whether they are subject to an impending buyout or are going to be subject to a sudden shutdown. The 2015 Spring Purchase Market session is emerging from a cold winter slumber so NOW is the critical time to determine if your current employer is REALLY supporting you in every way in this highly competitive retail lending marketplace OR even has the will to survive and compete. The top Purchase Money players early in 2014 were Wells, BAM, Citizens and Santander. Those banks were  eclipsed by private Mortgage Banking Firms in almost every marketplace in New England.


There are certain employers ranging from the Seasoned Mortgage Broker/Lender Firms to the "Road Warrior" friendly Banks that are strategically positioned having the skilled Management Teams, the sufficient financial backing, LOCAL UNDERWRITING and the ability to close Purchase Loans in under 30 days that most Realtors demand. You will soon find that having a pro-active Local Loan Underwriter will become increasingly critical to the timely closing of your loans. We know all the pricing and marketing strategies of these Lenders and their commitment to keep their L/Os well ahead of the competition with products, pricing and timely loan closings.


Now is the time to give a final review your 2014 loan production pull through and determine if your current employer will be able to support your needs to meet your 2015 production goals. The process is simple - call or email me, describe the Ideal Situation that YOU feel is critical to service your established book of business and I will identify at least three Companies or Banks that fit your needs. You can decide if you wish to interview with them or stay where you are and just hope things will improve. My Real Estate Broker contacts at Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams and the other Realtors throughout New England tell me that they will no longer accept "hope" in the verbiage of getting their loans closed on time and at the lowest cost to buyers signing P&S Agreements.


TOM PHINNEY at Office:  617-364-5400 Ext 101, Cell: 617-974-2300   or E-mail     TOM@ABA-INC.COM








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E-mail your resume or job requirements today and we will e-mail you back information on positions as they become available or profiles of highly qualified candidates available in Massachusetts and throughout the New England Marketplace that I service.